Amazon Gift Card Purchase Instructions

How To Purchase An Amazon Gift Card

United States And Canada Customers:

You can purchase a physical gift card at grocery stores, gas stations, corner stores, and other retailers. We only accept gift cards from official Amazon retailers.

For a digital gift card:

  1. Go to the Amazon website or use the app.
  2. Search “digital gift cards” in the search bar.
  3. Choose “Amazon eGift card”.
  4. Select the amount you want to purchase and email the gift card to your own email.
  5. Checkout and wait for the gift card to be sent to your email (usually takes 5 minutes but can take up to 24 hours).
  6.  Use the claim code to checkout from our website.

*Digital gift cards must be purchased from the official Amazon  website.

International Customers:

Gift cards can be purchased online from Amazon. You can purchase from any country. The gift card currency must be in Canadian dollars. We do not accept second hand or gift cards from marketplaces. It must be directly from Amazon.

Suggested websites:

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