How to navigate

We use as one of our main email providers due to the simplicity to create multiple accounts. The website is in Russian and may be difficult to navigate. Please view the photos below to access the email.


To login and check emails:

1. Head to and click the email login link on the top right of the page.


2. Login with the details we provided you here. It may ask you for recaptcha verification but this should be in your local language.

3. The emails from Epic Games will be sent the inbox highlighted below.

To change the password:

1. Once logged in, click your email on the top right of the screen and click the highlighted section as shown below.

 2. Click the lock and your page should navigate down the page to the password change section.

3. Click the highlighted section to bring up the password change pop up.


4. The top input is for your current password (the one we provided) and the second input is the new password you want to change it to. Click the blue button on the bottom left to confirm changes.


Complete! If you have any questions please contact us at “” or contact us on social media.