Frequently Asked Questions

We can be reached by email “support@goatedskins.com”. We respond to all emails within 24 business hours.

These are separate accounts. The skins can not be transferred to your personal account.
Yes, they come with full email access. Accounts have to wait up to 90 days in order to change the email.
Yes, we are a legit Fortnite store. Search around for us or check us out on Tik Tok by clicking here. We provide high quality accounts and love when customers post about us online.
Unfortunately we do not allow replacements for this reason as it can be abused.
Yes! On the checkout page please make sure to provide the platform you want to play on so we can make sure the account can be linked to it.
Unfortunately we do not accept PayPal or PaySafeCard and will not in the future.
Unfortunately we do not give out free accounts.
For assistance with logging in to the email account and/or changing the email password, please check out these links: Rambler.ru: https://goatedskins.com/pages/how-to-navigate-rambler-ru Mail.ru: https://goatedskins.com/pages/how-to-navigate-mail-ru
In order to change the details you must log into a PC or mobile device and to go to www.epicgames.com. Do not do this through your console. To change the Epic Games password please visit this link. To change the email please visit this link.