Lifetime Warranty

Digital Products

We try to strive for great customer support and guarantee our products will last a lifetime. Our digital products are covered under a lifetime warranty. This includes lifetime support and replacements/refunds.

Note: The warranty will not be valid if you contact support regarding the account, if you change the email, or if you purchased vbucks within one month of purchase.

Once an order is placed we can not cancel the order. This is due to our payment processor and the nature of our payment methods (such as gift cards).

Customers are only entitled to one refund due to payment processors flagging us for high amounts of refunds. Once a customer is refunded, they will no longer be able to make future purchases on our website.

We provide replacements/refunds in the following situations:

Incorrect login details at delivery

Wrong platform

Missing skins

Not as described

Long delivery (over 3 business days)

We do not provide replacements/refunds due to not wanting the product anymore, making a mistake when purchasing, not liking the skins you received, or if you shared/sold the products.

Reach out to us by live chat or email “” if you need a replacement or refund. We respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.